Well, this is my first blog posting ever in my life. Okay, change that. This is my second posting. I started posting on a different website but then found this one and heard some really good things about it so here I am! I’m not even sure how these things work, to be honest. I will try to post as often as I can. I may post something personal (like the fact that I’m looking at the new 2010 Camaro and thinking ‘Man, would I look good in that!); I may post something political; I may post something completely off the wall. You never know what my grey matter will generate. I hope someone reads it other than me.

I will say that I just got a new mountain bike this weekend for my birthday. My wife and I went in half each for it because it’s kind of expensive. It’s a Cannondale F7. The thing has disc brakes! Who would think to put disc brakes on a bike?!

Okay, I’ll conclude this entry for today. I may add some other things such as pictures of Point Pleasant, NJ (that’s where I live) and a few assorted other things.

I hope you read, I hope you comment, I hope you laugh and I hope you cry.