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Well, the left has gone and done it again. There is proposed legislation to reform Wall Street but it is currently being stalled by the Republicans via the filibuster. They feel that it needs to be reworked before going to the floor for a vote. Harry Reid has taken it upon himself to call this filibuster un-American. When exactly did dissent stop being the highest form of patriotism?

Our Founding Fathers built this country on the foundations of faith, the walls and roof made up of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment is our right to free speech. The Founders expected the citizens of this country to question their government and to question it with boldness. That is just what we are doing today.

The left, however, wants to paint us as un-American, some even branding us as racist. Why? I am a racist because I question the policies of this president and his administration? Or is the reason because I am questioning a president who also happens to be black? In either case, the left couldn’t be further from the truth.

I question (with boldness) any president and Congress who wants to pass health care reform at all costs, without actually reading what the bill does. In this case, the bill will cause health care costs to increase more than if Congress did nothing. Oh yes…it will also provide Viagra to sex offenders.

How about that $787 billion stimulus package which, according to a majority of economists surveyed, has done nothing to stimulate the economy?

Can anyone say Cap and Trade? Please pray that one doesn’t pass. Oh, I said pray, didn’t I? I think the left is going to start making that a dirty word as well.

My fellow Americans, please question with boldness any administration that doesn’t do what you want them to do. They work for us, don’t they? It’s about time they started doing what we tell them to do. Please don’t let them take us back to the Woodrow Wilson era. That’s one era this country can’t afford to relive.

To those on the left, how’s that hope and change thing working out for you?