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Well, I’ve finally reached that time when I need to think about a new car. Right now, I’m driving a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo SS that has been very good to me over the last 9 years. So good, in fact, that I’ve accumulated almost a quarter million miles on it. Just a funny side note, numbers always sound bigger when you say them differently…a quarter million versus two hundred fifty thousand. Sounds really cool, though, doesn’t it?

Anyway, my car has been good to me over the years but it’s starting to show it’s age. Various lights on the dashboard light up for no reason. Or there is a reason and I don’t want to get it looked at because I know that fixing it will be more money than the care is worth. Right now, I have a gas gauge that doesn’t work properly and a transmission that occasionally slams into gear instead of gently transitioning like it should. Honestly, though, nothing beats trying to merge on a busy highway with a car that performs like an unbalanced washing machine on spin cycle. Hence, my need for a new car.

Enter the 2010 Chevy Camaro. I first noticed this car in the first ‘Transformers’ movie (don’t worry, I didn’t bother with the sequel). It comes in five different trim packages, two of which have the V8 engine under the hood. Since money is a bit tight, I’m probably going to go with the lower end 1LT trim package with the V6 engine. At three hundred four horsepower, it’s pretty impressive. Of course, the test drive is the all-important barometer of whether or not I will like the car. I’ve checked out Consumer Reports and Consumer Digest and, overall, it gets good numbers. People who have purchased the car have, for the most part, rated it highly. There are, however, those people who complain about just about everything. “You can’t see out the back window!”; “It drives like a cement truck with training wheels!” “It’s nice to look at but that’s about it!” I can’t help but think how they felt about it when they did their test drive…or did they test drive it at all?

I’m going for black. It’s my favorite color of all of them and my wife said that it looks good, too. Yes, she’ll be driving it once in a while, too. Hopefully, when I test drive it, I’ll be sold. If not, I’ll still be driving Ole’ Reliable. And bringing a load of laundry with me for the ride.