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I found the article, below, one of the more interesting reads on the Huffington Post. It would seem the author believes that educating our kids about nutrition should be done by the schools and that things like algebra should be considered less important. Attitudes like this are the reason why kids working the McDonald’s counter can’t make proper change when you give them an odd amount of money.

It is not the government’s responsibility to teach our kid’s healthy eating habits; it’s the responsibility of the parents to take on that role. Children don’t bring bad eating habits home from school; they take bad eating habits to school from home. It’s too easy for the parents to stop at McDonalds and get their kids a cheeseburger and fries or a pizza. It’s fine to have that once in a while as treat but kids need need to be taught how to eat healthy foods and that starts with the parents. And by that, I mean that the parents need to eat that way as well. If they are eating unhealthy foods, the kids will pick this up as well and do the same.

The government needs to stop being a nanny state and start encouraging parents to actually get involved in their kid’s lives. Putting a salad bar in school is great. The kids need to learn from their parents that it’s good to eat food like that.
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