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The response, below, was to an article written on the Huffington Post. The link to the article is below my response. I started reading the Huffington Post because, as a conservative, I only had one point of view. I needed to see what the other side was saying. In a way, it’s nice to see what they are thinking; on the other side, it’s also kind of scary.

I always enjoy engaging in debate with someone who has a different philosophy than mine. Many on the other side, however, resort to name-calling as their argument.  If you’re interested in debating/discussing the issues, drop me a comment. I would love to hear from you.

Bob, you are off the mark on some of what you’ve said.

First and foremost, I am proud to call myself a conservative. If this wasn’t an opinion, I would say that your broad brush approach to conservatives borders on irresponsibility. I grant that there may be some conservatives out there who are exactly like you have described but I have a feeling that more of them are not.

I do agree with your point about those who have to have the SUV the size of a small school bus. I see too many of them on the road during my daily commute and most of them are driving 80 mph or more. Nothing is more irritating than seeing a Hummer that gets 10 mpg doing 80 down the highway.

As for our dependence on oil, that will not end for decades to come. This country has had years to come up with viable alternative fuels but so far, many of them are experimental. Even hybrids have a small gas powered engine.

Our short-term goal should be to lessen or dependence on foreign oil. As long as we continue to import from countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, we will always be beholden to them and they will have power over us.

The president’s ‘Cap and Trade’ initiative, while well-intentioned, is misguided and will serve to cripple our economy further. Using the oil spill crisis to promote his agenda was just bad politics.
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