This link was posted by someone else here but it was worth copying and posting again. The link takes you to transcript of a ’60 Minutes’ interview where George Soros is confirming what Beck said in his show. What Beck said isn’t a lie; Soros confirmed that.Read the transcript.

I don’t think it’s entirely about rooting out the lies of others; I think it’s more about hating someone on the right, regardless of what they have to say.

From what I can find, Glenn Beck told the truth and did not mislead in his statement and that is backed by the transcript of the interview with Soros and his own words.

Sometimes, it is about left and right. Glenn can make a comment and back it up but, to the left, he’s a hate monger. Nina Totenberg can hope that Jesse Helms and his grandchildren get AIDS from blood transfusions and you don’t hear from anyone on the left. Juan Williams is fired and you don’t hear from anyone in the left wing media except for those on Fox News.

How ironic…
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