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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. I can’t come up with a valid excuse. I guess I just can’t come up with anything meaningful to post. I’m not the best writer in the world and that may be part of it as well. My words don’t create images in the minds of the reader so I get somewhat intimidated by the writing process. I wonder if anyone would really read anything that I’ve written but I guess, in the end, it doesn’t really matter. I write to write and maybe someone will read it. Hopefully, I’ll get better along the way.

This week, history was made. At least, that’s my opinion. We re-elected Barack Obama to the office of President of the United States. It’s not that big a deal except for the fact that his (again, my opinion shared by many others) has been one of the worst presidencies in history. Okay, maybe President Carter has him beat but not by much.

I wish I could predict the future but I can’t. I don’t know what this president is going to do in the next four years but it’s not going to be good. Michelle Obama said ‘Imagine what he can do in the next four years.’ That’s exactly what I’m afraid of. I saw what he did the last four years and none of it was very good: a healthcare bill that the majority of America didn’t want; stimulus packages that did nothing to help our country; an attack on a US embassy which resulted in lies and misstatements from the jump.

And on November 6, 20012, over sixty million people voted for him. The predicted Romney landslide never materialized. I’m not sure how that happened but it did and now we must move forward. I know the liberals are gloating but that’s just the way it’s going to be. I’ve vented earlier today on some other blogs and I think I’m done for now. Unless someone pokes a stick in my cage.

I don’t know what the next four years has in store for us and I won’t pretend to know. As an American and as a patriot, I will not give up the fight. I will continue to support the ideals that made this country great: liberty, freedom, self-reliance, rugged individualism and a firm reliance on divine providence. These are the things that made this country great. We began the fight in 1776 and we will continue to fight for what is right and for what is good.