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I had some trouble coming up with a title for this entry. I guess we tend to think that Satan will do big things to try and triumph over God. That’s not necessarily true.

I believe that Satan’s intent is to win people over to him and away from God. The more people he wins, the closer he thinks he will be to victory over God. Those of us who have read the Book of Revelation know how this all turns out but, nevertheless, Satan will still try.

And that is where I will start this story.

My wife and I spent an awesome two days in Cape May, NJ. Our son (he’s 23) called us while we were driving home this past Saturday to say that he wasn’t feeling well. By the time we got home, we needed to take him to the emergency room. He had a one hundred and two degree fever. My wife took him over while I unpacked and did some other things around the house. They got home a few hours later and he was fine. They gave him two bags of fluids and his temperature dropped to ninety-eight and they sent him home.

Right around three in the morning, he calls us from his bedroom to tell us he can’t stop shaking and he is cold. His fever is back up again and he’s in the bathroom getting sick. Back to the emergency room. His fever was up again. They ran some tests and found his white blood cell count was slightly elevated. More fluids and he came home again.

By Sunday, he was feeling pretty good and we started to make some plans for the day. That, however, didn’t last long. Back to the emergency room and, this time, he was admitted. Here is where we believe Satan had a hand in all of this.

Our son is an animator and illustration major in college. He graduated this year and his final project was drawings of the Four Horsemen, the Two Witnesses and the return of Jesus on the cloud. We were going to attend Sunday night to see the exhibit. The illustrations were phenomenal and, in my opinion, could be used as a great witnessing tool for anyone who wanted to know more about the content of the drawings.

A worship leader from our church came to the emergency room to visit and to pray with us. That’s when Josh told us all the story of what had happened.

He was feeling down and depressed Saturday; like he was not in touch with God. He wanted to cleanse his room and anoint it with oil. After he had done this, he started feeling sick. When my wife took him to the emergency room on Sunday for the third time, I decided that I was going to do some spiritual warfare and anoint his room. I started to get the prayers ready when my wife called and asked me to come to the hospital with a new pair of shoes. Her sandal strap broke. So much for the spiritual warfare.

The moral of the story? Satan is there at every turn, to thwart us in our quest to be closer to God. Be vigilant. He is there, just in the shadows, waiting to catch you if you trip. My advice is to stay in the Word of God and to pray. If there are any doors that are open, close them and then seal them with the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Once the doors are closed and sealed and you are covered by the Blood of the Lamb, you are protected. Satan will never be God’s equal. He had to ask the Holy Father for permission to test Job. He has to do the same for us as well. And if it will not benefit us, then God simply tells Satan ‘Back off. He’s Mine and you don’t have permission to touch him.’

God Bless!