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The following paragraphs are something I posted to Facebook first but thought I would post it here as well. It’s definitely worth it to look into what the Electoral College system is all about. When all is said and done, one candidate lost and one candidate won. Unfortunately, some of the people who supported the losing candidate have decided it would be best to show their disdain for the president-elect by destroying parts of America, the very thing they are saying Donald Trump will do in the future. Kind of hypocritical, isn’t it? Okay, maybe not kind of; it IS hypocritical. What I find even more amusing is that some of the protesters who were arrested in Portland didn’t turn in a ballot or didn’t vote at all. So what say do they have in all of this? Okay, none, zero, zilch, nada. So maybe they should go home and change their diapers and use their new safety pin emblem to tightly fasten the clean one to themselves.

Okay, that’s it for my preamble rant. Here is the original post in it’s entirety:

I’ve seen a number of postings online about the Electoral College and how it’s a bunch of BS and it needs to go. To those who feel that way, I understand your point of view but here is my take on it.

The Electoral College is there as a type of check and balance. It was put in place as a way to keep heavily populated states from deciding the outcome of an election.Whether your a Republican or Democrat, how would you feel if the election was decided by the same heavily populated states and those states were not your party? I’m pretty sure that neither side would think it fair if the other party won every presidential election each and every time. You could have decades of government gridlock should the House and Senate be controlled by party opposite the president-elect.

That’s where the Electoral College comes in.

The Founding Fathers saw two different ways to elect a president: one by popular vote and the other by the House of Representatives. The first option had its drawbacks (as noted above) and the second could result in someone being elected because those voting had political aspirations or a political agenda. The Electoral College was a compromise between the two methods.

If you want to abolish the Electoral College, then do it the right way by getting a Constitutional amendment passed.

Burning down buildings and cars and destroying property really doesn’t get your point across. It just makes you look like a sore loser.