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The other night, I was driving home from work and I was listening to a pastor on the Sirius/XM Family Talk station. He started his teaching on the book of John. I don’t remember how he got on the topic but he started speaking about bearing fruit. He said that when we come to Christ as believers, we are given a gift. Do we bear fruit with that gift or do we bury it?

When he said the phrase ‘bury it’, I immediately thought about the parable Jesus taught in Matthew 25:14-30. I won’t type it all out here because it’s quite lengthy but I’ll give a summary of it.

Jesus likened the kingdom of heaven to a man who was traveling abroad. He gathered his servants and onto one of them, he gave five talents, to another he gave two talent and to a third he gave one talent; each according to their abilities.

The servant who received the five talents went and made five talents more. Likewise, the servant who received two talents when and made two more talents. But the servant who received the one talent went and buried it in the ground.

The lord of those servants returned from his journey and reckoned with them. The servants who doubled what they were given were praised and given many things to rule over. The one who buried the talent had it taken away and he lord was angry with him for not doing more with the talent he was given.

The two servants who doubled what they were given bore fruit for their lord; the third servant did not.

As Christians, are we doubling what we have been given or are we taking the gospel message and burying it rather than going out and preaching it to all who will hear? Are we bearing fruit or burying it?

If you are among those who bury your gifts rather than use them to bear fruit, you aren’t alone. I can count myself among you as well. I sometimes feel like I’m not doing enough for the kingdom. Should I be on a street corner preaching? Should I be going up to people everywhere asking them if they know about Jesus?

One day I was praying about this very thing, asking God what I can do to help get the gospel message out there. As I sat there, the word ‘write’ popped into my head. At first I wasn’t sure if that was me who thought of the word or if it was the Holy Spirit. Now I’m pretty sure it was the Holy Spirit. That’s part of where I’m trying to go with my blog posts.

I may not have a lot of people reading them or a lot of followers but I do know that this is one way that I know of to get the message out there to anyone who will read them. God uses people in different ways and I think writing is His way of using me. And as long as I can, I will continue doing it.

Thank you for reading and God Bless.