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I spent a few hours this weekend building a couple of bookshelves.

We are in the process of turning our partially finished attic into an office space so that I have a more comfortable place to work. The dining rooms table isn’t the best place to work for eight hours.

As part of our remodel, we are getting smaller bookshelves. As I’m building these shelves, a thought struck me: building a bookshelf (or anything, for that matter) is like building your faith.

The bookshelf came with a bunch of different parts: the sides, the bottom, the shelves, and all of the screws and camlocks you need to secure it all together.

Faith is very similar in this regard. Most of us have all the pieces we need: our Bible, study tools, online sermons, commentaries, prayer, etc. with Jesus as the camlocks that hold it all together.

But we have to start by putting all of the pieces together.

We have to read our Bibles and learn the scriptures; we need to employ and study tools or study guides (along with the greatest study guide the Holy Spirit) to guide us in our walk through the Bible. We have online teachers to help us as well. On a personal note, I really like the teachings of Dr. Chuck Missler. He is a great expositor and helps you see things in a completely different way while adhering to the true text of the Word.

So, if you ever feel like you are a bit lost putting all of it together (and who doesn’t?), just start by laying out everything you’ve got and open up the instruction manual (that would be your Bible) and get started!

When I’m saying it’s not easy at first (trust me, it’s not…been there, done that). But once you get going, the rewards are worth it. Start with a Bible plan or try reading a few chapters every day and use references as you go.

Within no time, that shelf will be built and looking good!

God Bless!