When faced with the task of putting something about yourself on an ‘About’ page, one of the things I am always asking myself is ‘What could I possibly say that will interest anyone?’ Well, here goes.

I’m a new Christian. I spent much of my years as a Catholic and then spent them as nothing. I recently decided that this lack of direction was not healthy for me so I gave my life to Christ and have not looked back. I can’t say it hasn’t been without its struggles but that’s what following Christ is all about. Peter denied Christ three times right after he said he never would.

Anyway, my blog covers mostly topics about my journey with my faith and some of the lessons I get when I read the Bible. I may wander off and post an article from somewhere else but I try to be as original as I can.

Please feel free to peruse and comment as much as you like!

Thank you and God bless!

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